Live Entertainment

TCG Sports can provide a full array of artist and acts to entertain fans like never before.  We can provide superstar artists for postgame concerts to circus and variety acts for half time performances to interactive entertainment experiences for VIP ticket holders and sponsors.

Jon Weiss

Circus Performer / Clown / Comedian / Actor / Balancer Extraordinaire

In the circus world Jon is a triple threat performer; Daredevil, Host and Comedic Performer. Jon also has a natural ability to balance, and we’re not talking about his ...


Noemi Lee España

Noemi Lee España a 6 th generation performer debuted her Exciting and energetic Hula Hoop in act in Spain at the age of 14 whirling 8 hoops at one time and since then ...


Elan España

Elan España is the youngest of the 6th generation family member. Elan began to play around with the Juggling Diabolos at age 6 and since then he has been around the ...


Duo Resonance

Created in 2012, the ORIGINAL Sliding Surface Duet continues to evolve to create original movement and acrobatic skill. This innovative contortion and hand balancing duet ...


Ashley Winn

Are you fond of watching entertainment shows? If yes, then you probably know Ashley Winn. She is considered as one of the best performers in the world. Ashley is known as ...

The Oak Ridge Boys


Sheena Easton, Sara Evans, Oak Ridge Boys, Journey Group, Scott Coulter, John Elefante, Starship, Kenny G.